ThemeTech specializes in all types of non-structural metal fabrication ranging from fine art pieces to simple railings and security screens. We have provided everything from museum grade reproductions to custom fittings and brackets to signature logos and signage pieces for a wide variety of projects.

Our in-house architectural/ornamental metal shop works in steel, aluminum, stainless steel, cast bronze, copper, zinc and more.

In addition to standard welding and cutting, we also have the bending, rolling and shaping equipment required to form complex shapes.

We have the design/drafting capability to provide drawings for CNC fabrication using waterjet, laser, plasma and other complex cutting systems.

ThemeTech have worked in a wide variety of finishing mediums including paint, powder coating, chemical patinas and blackened steel finishes. We have done all types of surface treatments from rusted metal to mirror finish.

Often, our projects contain integrate metal components combined with wood, acrylic and glass allowing the customer to place the complete project responsibility with one Fabricator.